March 2, 2024, Saturday
२०८० फाल्गुन १९
1:37:26 pm



Kathmandu – The eagerly awaited song “Maichang’s Gala Kothi” by Khusi Limbu has finally been released. A captivating music video features the melodious voices of Khusi Limbu himself and star female singer Sunita Thegim.

The heartfelt lyrics of the song were penned by Janu Kambang Lingden, while the music was masterfully composed by Tara Prakash Limbu. The visually stunning music video showcases Khusi Limbu alongside model and actress Bimala Khajum Limbu, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the production.

The choreography for the video was skillfully crafted by Suresh Pandey, and the camera was handled by cinematography expert Saurav Lama. Well-known Video Editor Anil Rana has ensured a seamless and engaging visual experience, with the flawless make-up of M.U.A. Sanju Thallang.


The song has been officially released on Khusi Limbu’s YouTube channel, where fans and music enthusiasts can enjoy this latest creation. What makes this release even more special is that it marks Khusi Limbu’s debut as an actor in a song performed by himself.

Known as a journalist, blogger, vlogger, and socio-political activist, Khusi Limbu played significant roles in numerous social and political organisations in the UK and Hong Kong. Notably, he held leadership positions like General Secretary of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) UK and the Nepali Federation of Indigenous National (Janajati Mahasangh) UK. Presently, he serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Nepal Mamila news portal and continues to be an investor in Nepal.

The release of “Maichang’s Galako Kothi” showcases Khusi Limbu’s multifaceted talents and serves as a testament to his dedication and passion for the arts. Fans and audiences eagerly anticipate further artistic endeavors from this accomplished individual.