March 2, 2024, Saturday
२०८० फाल्गुन १९
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A Rising Artistic Star Rhoslyn Singh Blending Science and Canvas


Rhoslyn Singh, a young and talented artist at the age of 19, has already etched her name in the annals of the art world through a series of captivating exhibitions. Her remarkable journey has seen her work showcased at prestigious venues such as the Taragaon Museum in Nepal and the Hawth Theatre, Crawley, as well as at the House of Parliament and The Embassy of Nepal in the UK. Her artwork has recently been exhibited at the International Art Festival in Qatar held in November 2023 where more than three hundred artists’ artworks from over 65 countries were on display.

Winner of the WhaleFest art competition organised by Primary Times during her primary school days, Rhoslyn took both science and art in her GCSE as majors. She completed her schooling (GCSE and A level) from Worth school, an independent school in Crawley. 

Rhoslyn’s artistic repertoire spans various mediums, from her delicate water colors that evoke a sense of ethereal beauty to her intricately detailed portraits that capture the essence of her subjects. Her proficiency in sketching with both pen and pencil adds depth and versatility to her body of work, further demonstrating her artistic prowess.


Rhoslyn’s exhibitions serve as a testament to her commitment to honing her craft and pushing artistic boundaries. A Biomedical Engineering student at a University in England, Rhoslyn draws during her leisure time and finds artistic expressions as a unique and fulfilling escape from the demands of her academic pursuits.

Nepal Mamila brings here Rhoslyn’s artistic expressions today.

Rhoslyn’s water color artwork titled ‘Unveiling the soul’s palette’ being exhibited at the Qatar Art Festival held in November 2023. This reflects the complexity of human emotion and vibrant water color intertwine on the woman’s face while a striking duality emerges as black watercolor spills from her mouth’

Inspired by: Agnes Cecile

Rhoslyn’s water colour artwork ‘Reflective Moments’ is an expression that captures quiet reflections, turning moments of contemplation into a visual journey on canvas.

Inspired by: Agnes Cecile

Rhoslyn’s pencil sketch ‘Façade’ captures the poignant duality of human emotion, as a woman, gripped by internal turmoil, conceals her true feelings behind a smiling mask of her own visage.

Rhoslyn’s pen and pencil sketch ‘Patterns of Grace’ captures a woman’s visage is meticulously rendered in pen and pencil adorned with intricate patterns that weave a tale of timeless elegance and delicate complexity. Inspired by: Iain Macarthur

Rhoslyn’s pencil sketch, titled ‘Endurance,’ reflects a young Nepali girl radiating fortitude, carrying her sibling on her back with a heartfelt smile that echoes the strength within her spirit.

Popular Nepali actor Nikhil Upreti observing Rhoslyn’s artworks during an exhibition held in at Taragoan Museum in Kathmandu in 2022.