May 22, 2024, Wednesday
२०८१ जेष्ठ १०
1:37:26 pm

Sangita Swechcha’s Novel ‘Seto Siundo’ launched in London


London.The launch of Sangita Swechcha’s novel, ‘Seto Siundo, took place in London on 11 May 2024. Organised by the International Nepali Literary Society (INLS) and held in conjunction with the 87th Parijaat Jayanti celebration, the event marked a significant moment.

Dr. Birendra Amatya, chief guest of the occasion, graced the event with his presence, adding prestige to the relaunch. During the programme, attendees were treated to insightful reviews of ‘Seto Siundo’ by Writer Dr. Rupak Shrestha and Author Pratima KC.

Author Pratima KC praised the novel’s depth and maturity, remarking, “The novel has minutely navigated the mind of a woman, her pain and sufferings. It successfully raised the issue of women trafficking in Nepal. The novel which also showed the socio- economic imbalances also explored how disabilities can cripple a life in society. This novel which was written during Sangita Swechcha’s teen age is mature at every angle and Nepali literature can be proud of this novel.”


Dr. Rupak Shrestha echoed similar sentiments, expressing his admiration for Swech cha’s remarkable achievement three decades ago. “I am still amazed how could an 18-year-old teenager back then imagine of this novel. This novel’s maturity is far ahead of a teenager could write as it highlights women trafficking, socio-economic life of Nepali society and women’s psychology.”

Sangita Swechcha, the author behind ‘Seto Siundo, shared her gratitude for the opportunity to reintroduce her novel which was published 3 decades ago entitled as ‘Pakhalileko Siundo’. She also thanked INLS for shining a spotlight on her work once again.

Published by Book Hill, ‘Seto Siundo’ is currently undergoing translation into English, promising to reach an even wider audience.