May 18, 2022, Wednesday
२०७९ जेष्ठ ४
1:37:26 pm

“We are united because we see strength in being together“ – FIWNA celebrates 112th Women’s Day with its own motto


By Nepal Mamila USA Representative

New York. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, FIWNA ( Federation of Indigenous Women of Nepal in America) inaugurated the new office and celebrated the day with the slogan “Gender Equality for Sustainable Development”. A collection of poems titled “Jiwanka Paailaharu” by Bandana Rai, General Secretary of the FIWNA was also launched at the event.

Speaking on the occasion, Raj Kumar Bista, president of FIPNA ( Federation of Indigenous People of Nepal in America) said that FIPNA and FIWNA should work hand in hand as both organizations work on the same issues. Expressing his best wishes on the occasion, Chairman Bista expressed his commitment to always be with FIWNA  and would continue his support in the best possible ways together moving forward in the future.


Likewise, Shanti Jirel, former CA (Constitution Assembly) member of Nepal and current president of Jirel Society of America, said that in order for women to be capable, women’s right to property should be established, women should develop their personality and women’s participation in politics should be emphasized. Yuli Lama, president of the Darjeeling Society, gave her thoughts that women should be financially capable no matter what, as no work is too big or small. She also shared her experiences of working a Nanny job and how proud she is by her own. Muna Rai, the President of the UKRA (United Kirant Rai Society of America) congratulated FIWNA on her inauguration and expressed her commitment to remain with FIWNA. Rai also contributed $333.00 to FIWNA on behalf of UKRA for the solidarity of the common cause.

Speaking on the occasion, Indira Chongwang, Vice-President of the organization, expressed her respect for the heroic warriors who have contributed for the realization of women’s rights and called upon all the indigenous women to unite as women’s unity is power. She also shared information about the activities carried out by FIWNA  by now and currently working with Blue Butter Foundation (BFF) to work together for immigrants women in New York. She also expressed her thoughts about every woman should be respected equally and live life with dignity everywhere regardless of where she is.

“FIWNA has been emphasizing capacity building and empowerment of immigrants women in the United States through various programs. In addition, it has been providing moral support and financial contributions from self-funding during tough times to its members. Regardless of who we are, where we are from, our hearts and souls are always together and our great mantra is supporting each other in need.” She added.

Similarly, Toran Gurung, President of The Gurung Tamu Society, stressed the need for women to move forward with a broader mindset. Discussing the important contribution of women to the betterment of the world, Chairman Gurung suggested women come to the outside world and not just at home. Chairperson of the organization Sangini Ranamagar recalled the bitter experience of various allegations levelled by the men of our own community while setting up the organization in the early days. President Ranamagar said passionately, “It was difficult to unite the women in the United States. Today, I am so glad  that  we all are capable women and we  are united together .”

General Secretary Bandana Rai said that she published the book to fulfil her mother’s dream. He has expressed his life experiences through poetry. Rai, who has worked as a teacher in Nepal for 26 years, has served as president of the Darjeeling Society of America. She has been living in the United States with her three daughters. While reciting her poem, Rai urged all the sisters not to hesitate to do any work regardless of its type. She has been working as a nanny for a long time.

Likewise, Vice President of Tharu & Friends Association Deepak Chaudhary expressed happiness over the inauguration of the office and stressed the need to involve the youth and women in social activities. Former Vice President of FIPNA and former President of Ghyalsumdo Service Organization Nima Lama, Treasurer of FIWNA Indu Gurung, General Secretary of Darjeeling Society of America Maya Lama and others expressed their best wishes on the occasion of Women’s Day. Nima Lama also contributed $275.00 to FIWNA for her solidarity.

President Sangini Rana offered her gratitude for everyone for their precious time before formally dismissing the event.