December 4, 2021, Saturday
२०७८ मंसिर १८
1:37:26 pm

Peepal Sponsors Local Running Event


Rushmoor Wellesley 10k 2021 took place on Sunday the 24th of October in Aldershot. It is a beautiful flat 10k trail race set amongst Wellesley Woodlands and the Basingstoke Canal paths.

Peepal Estate Agents were one of the main sponsors of the Rushmoor Wellesley 10k. This was their 2nd time being one of the sponsors of this grand annual event. Rushmoor 10k is an event that not only promotes fitness, health & wellbeing, but it’s an event that brings people together, brings the community together and helps build & strengthen the local community values & spirit. The event was a huge success! Events like this is really good and important for the community, especially during the isolated/unusual times that we are living in. Blackwater Valley Runners was the one to organise this event.

Furthermore, the sponsor had 4 Team members that participated in the run. At the office, they did a good old side bet on who the PEEPAL 10k Winner could be? The winner would then donate the funds raised to their charity of choice. PEEPAL 10k Winner was none other than Sanjay. He decided to donate his winning sum of £160 to Oya Initiatives to help them with their charitable efforts!


Oya Initiatives is a charity that collects used and new clothes — kind of like a thrift shop. But what’s different with Oya is that, with the money they generate from sales, they then use it to enrol orphanage kids in Nepal into education! Their small aidwill help them continue to do their amazing work!

Peepal has always encouraged people to live a healthy & active lifestyle, which is why they are so BIG on #GoGreen. And they are also always looking for ways to support local community in different ways, which is why they were so happy to be involved in this event! They are looking forward to the next 10k Run! They are hoping to return back in 2022 with a special surprise—more on this later!