September 26, 2021, Sunday
२०७८ आश्विन ११
1:37:26 pm

FNJ UK on the verge of division as the disgruntled side prepares a parallel committee


London – Controversy has mounted as the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) UK approaches its convention.

In a press release, FNJ UK General Secretary Sanjay Bhakta Kandel has said that the Election Committee has issued a set of election rules which was beyond what was agreed upon in the virtual meeting held on May 9.


“Our serious attention has been drawn as the Election Committee has traversed its capacity and issued Election Rules 2021”, the press release states.

General Secretary Kandel particularly accuses the Election Committee of coming under the influence of Interim President Naresh Khapangi Magar. 

According to Mr. Kandel, the set of election programs came out without his knowledge as General Secretary and is opposite to the essence and understanding of the recent meeting.

In the virtual meeting of May 9, the working committee decided to hold the fifth general convention on June 13 and select a new committee on the same day. However, General Secretary Kandel has said that he was compelled to issue a public statement after the Chief Election Commissioner conspired against the unanimous decision.

Mr. Naresh Khapangi Magar, who has served two consecutive terms as President, has been accused of influencing the election by honoring various people in power and authority – that’s including distributing FNJ-UK’s branch award on his own. Because he has no constitutional privilege to serve a third term but still waning to exercise power in one way or another, he’s been accused of conspiring to compose a puppet committee for the next term.

The press release has requested relevant media persons, intellectuals, and the Award Selection Committee not to participate in Mr. Khapang Magar’s plan only to tarnish the dignity of the federation.

Mr. Bipul Pokharel, President of the Federation of Nepali Journalists, and his committee in Nepal have been informed. “In order to stop President Khapangi Magar’s conspiracy and hold a fair election of the UK branch based on the universal election norms, we’d like the FNJ Centre to remove the power of the Election Committee”, the press release states.