May 18, 2022, Wednesday
२०७९ जेष्ठ ४
1:37:26 pm

‘Kalpa-granth’ to be home-delivered from April 28


The special edition of Kumar Nagarkoti’s much-awaited ‘pre-order’ book ‘Kalpa-Granth’ can be home-delivered from 28th April, as the publisher Book Hill confirms. The book, which has been priced for Rs. 2021, was scheduled to be printed earlier. Printing of the book was delayed due to technical reasons.

Speaking at the public event of the book’s promotional song ‘Kharpanama Boki Hindchu Achel’, Bhupendra Khadka, Chairman of Book Hill, said that 3713 copies of Kalp-Granth have been pre-booked and the book will be delivered to the addresses of the readers before the public release.

“We apologize for not being able to make the book public on time to our esteemed readers due to the delay in the printing as the book is much larger than expected and because of multi-printing, but the reader will understand the delay in printing after receiving the book”, he said.


Kumar Nagarkoti expressed his gratitude to all for having the opportunity to fulfill his dream of ‘Kalpa-Granth’ in the program.

Similarly, singer Sugam Pokhrel said that this song of Kumar Nagarkoti was like an offering for him. The song has Kumar Nagarkoti’s lyrics, Hari Lamsal’s music, and Sugam Pokhrel’s voice.

The song has been visualized. The music video, produced under the banner of Book Hill, has been shot and edited by Nitin Chand, directed by Bhupendra Khadka, and acted by Kumar Nagarkoti, the lyricist, himself.

The song can be watched on the Twelve Notes’ YouTube channel