May 24, 2022, Tuesday
२०७९ जेष्ठ ११
1:37:26 pm

‘Ghosts in the Bamboo’ released by Book Hill


London – Novelist Greta Rana’s new novel ‘Ghosts in the Bamboo’ has been made public today. In the program organized at Hotel Shaligram in Lalitpur, Dr. Hemang Dixit, Dr. Madhu Ghimire and author Rana have released the novel.

Writer and translator Saguna Shah said that the novel was readable as the main character Elinor Kittivane described the human life of the fictional city of Lapalistan and the fiction was woven in the style of an original story. She said, “Linguistic experimentation and the author’s satirical humor are still a strong grip of the book.”

Journalist Chirag Bangdel also spoke about the author. Dr. Hemang Dixit and Dr. Madhu Ghimire narrated the author’s memoirs of the struggle.


Speaking at the launch, author Greta Rana expressed her gratitude to the publisher, editor and reader of the novel and said that she expects the reader to love her novel like her previous book.

The price of the 320-page novel published by Book Hill is 555. The novel will be available on,, and Book Hill’s e-platform and can be purchased from bookstores across the country.