July 29, 2021, Thursday
२०७८ श्रावण १४
1:37:26 pm

‘Nepali Lokkatha’ by Tulasi Diwasa in the market


Kathmandu. Folklore and Culture Researcher Tulasi Diwasa’s famous collection of folk tales ‘Nepali Lokkatha’ has been made public today. Published by Book-Hill Publications under the ‘Classic Series’, the book collects 122 popular folk tales of various castes living in different parts of Nepal and Nepali-speaking people living outside Nepal.

Author, Collector and Editor Tulasi Diwasa says, “This book has been compiled and edited for more than a decade at the tough time during the Panchayat period. In this book, I have tried to make scientific analysis and classification of folklore based on the theories of world-famous writers and thinkers on the basis of location, caste, class, language, etc. ”

Local folklore, love and folk life are depicted in folk tales on cultural, historical, social, exhortation, deceit, greed, miserliness, betrayal, animal, ghost, demon, fairy, magic, divine, bravery and other subjects.

In the age of increasing modernity and mechanisation, this book of folklore will help the reader to go back to one’s past and understand primordial history. It is also collectable for the general readers and scholars, according to the publisher Book-Hill Publications.

The price of the 600-page illustrated book, which is also the sourcebook of folklore studies in various universities, is Rs. 999. The first edition of this book was published by the then Nepal Rajkiya Pragya Pratisthan in 2031 BS.

Tulasi Diwasa’s new book